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Befriend Pastor Justus on Facebook

Hey Guys! A great way to encourage these children is to encourage their pastor. Show Pastor Justus some love by befriending him on Facebook. Just click here and let him know that he is not alone!

Much Love,


About GPHintz

GP Hintz is a speaker, leader and coach working with the John Maxwell team to develop leaders and impact the world in an incredible way.

2 responses to “Befriend Pastor Justus on Facebook

  1. I sincerely want to thank the wonderful people of God at The Place,for being partners first with God and then the children of Africa especially Kenya. Am humbled by your heart of giving. Thanks for putting a smile upon the faces of many young ones under my care,giving them a future that only God can do.Thanks a lot.

  2. Art ⋅

    Cool blog theme. Very different, but effective.

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